Mirage F1CE preview

Dear users,

We present you our first video of the Mirage F1-CE as well as some screenshots. In this video, you can see the most up to date look of the Mirage F1-CE cockpit and external model, a short flight model exhibition and the interaction with some of the cockpit systems.

With this latest PBR textures and many improvements both on textures and on 3D model, we can now consider them ready for the first public display, and therefore, expend some time on specifics, next will be to work on a highly detailed pilot and helmet model.

Regarding flight model, we can say it is now close to its final state. You can see in the video some effects like wing bending due to high G forces. Wing torsion is also implemented; this causes a change in AoA throughout the wingspan, which affects roll moment. Once our experienced F1 test pilot provides us detailed feedback on the FM (still in progress), and we contrast it with our engineering data, we will consider it ready for an early access release.

Cockpit interaction with most of general aircraft systems, like engine, fuel, electrics, hydraulics, stability augmentation and autopilot, is nearly finished and we are working on avionics (navigation and radio equipment, weapons control, radar, displays, etc.).

Just to give you an idea of the deepness of the simulation we have currently a list of more than 80 possible system failures.

In summary, the project is advancing at a good pace, nearing its early access phase, we are happy with the results of our efforts to provide you with the most in-depth simulation of the Mirage F1.

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