About us

Aerges Engineering SL is a Company specialized in flight simulation development for PC.

We have added NS-430 GPS Navigation System to the C-101EB and C-101CC integrated in the DCS World simulation platform.

We are currently  developing a module of the Mirage F-1 for DCS World. This module will include all the Spanish versions of the Mirage F1: Mirage F1CE, Mirage F1BE, Mirage F1EE and Mirage F1M.

You can follow our progress in this web site, in our Facebook and in DCS World web page.

Our Team is composed of Engineers, Programmers and Pilots who work on Flight Model, Aircraft Systems, 3D Model, Textures, Flight Manuals, Localization, Missions, Research, and other areas needed to create an immersive flight simulation.